Not much is known about the world before the breaking.

What is known however, is that on one fateful day the earth shook and split open. Millions perished. Reality was warped and torn. And according to legend, a dragon reappeared.

Soon after this event many strange creatures were seen in the world. These creatures ran the gamut from humanoid, such as Elves and Dwarves, to strange monsters seemingly without intelligence. Eventually those creatures with intelligence assimilated into society, and the world began to move forward again.

Magic too began to appear. Mages began to crop up amongst the intelligent races with strange and terrifying abilities. Some mages used their gifts for violence and power, while others chose to help the less fortunate.

Chaos ruled for a time, until certain individuals began to take control. Using their wealth and power, they acquired mercenaries, and began sectoring off land which they would “rule”. These individuals eschewed calling themselves rulers, and instead founded great cities controlled by them alone. Their corporations controlled subsidaries, which controlled every aspect of the lives of the people in the cities. They would become completely reliant on the corporations, which meant that nothing could be done to oust them from power.

Our story begins in the Megacity of Tian.


Demon Days BlakeSmith